“But two of the world’s most respected scientific minds now say that time travel could become a part of science reality….”

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A mystery object in a galaxy far, far away could be a supermassive black hole that got booted from its home galaxy’s center, according to a new study….”

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Reverse-Engineering a Quantum Compass

“If the weird rules of atomic physics do help birds find their way around the globe — as some scientists suspect — a new study has identified ways of finding out how.


“Shooting lasers at the sky can make the germ of a rain cloud, a new study shows. In an experiment that smacks of science fiction, scientists used a high-powered laser to squeeze water from air, both indoors and out….”


Curious about Einstein and his theories?  Check out this article, titled Spin and Spacetime, about spacetime and a test currently being performed to confirm one of Einstein’s theories about the shape of reality.  The article includes some great diagrams and videos to help clarify.

From the site: Gravity Probe B: Testing Einstein’s Universe


Time Magazine has an interesting map showing details of each lunar landing. 

Also, Wikipedia has an interesting list of all of the items left on the moon by each mission. 


“Because it is so close, Alpha Centauri would probably be the first star system to be visited if interstellar travel ever becomes possible – a fact that has inspired numerous science fiction stories.”

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